1. My last employer was bad
It is not a good idea to discuss the last employment disappointments when you are trying to secure a new job with the recruiter. Details about your incompatibility are only going to distract the interviewer from your eligibility for the role being offered.

2.That’s a great question
Prepare yourself before the interview . Enquire about the latest trends in the interview process and research the probable questions asked. Do not use cliche responses to the questions posed as the interviewers may fail to spot the right candidate if the candidates responses are the same old statements they have heard from other candidates.

3.”I don’t know”
Interviewers are known to ask questions that are difficult or tricky. Some questions may not have an upright answer and some answers may not be known to you. The best thing to do is to ask the interviewer to repeat the question or enquire more related to the question. This gives you precious seconds before you respond with a suitable answer. It will eliminate the chances of the interviewer thinking of you as unprepared or impulsive.

4. Vacation and other benefits
The interview desk is not the best place to discuss the package and peripheral benefits. Once the company decides to offer you the job , you may then discuss expectations regarding the pay package and other benefits.

5. Information already written on your resume
If the interviewer wants to know about your qualifications it is to be noted that they are looking for an in-depth answer regarding the same. There is no reason to repeat the same information in detail , instead you could describe the skill set you developed and how it helped your career advancement.

6. I like your….
It is unprofessional to mention a personal compliment during an interview. Avoid personal remarks on clothes , physical appearance or any other thing during an interview. You may be perceived as a desperate person or worse as a creep. Remember that an interview is a formal interaction and hence personal remarks are best avoided.

7. I don’t have any questions
It is best to understand the background of the company and if possible to know the company culture and media presence to help you frame appropriate and meaningful questions to your interviewer. Relevant questions will improve your chances of being hired as you will be regarded as a candidate with aptitude and interest in the company.

8. Will I be chosen ?
It is a common belief that there is a deficit of good paying jobs in the market but to make things clear it is actually the skilled people that are in deficit. The companies are always looking to hire a presentable and well educated candidate . All you must do is put in your best efforts to prove that you are the right candidate for the job.

9. I’m a perfectionist
In a bid to please the interviewer avoid cliche statements that do not give an accurate picture of your personality. It is to be noted that all humans undergo a phase of good productivity and low productivity. Hence statements that describe a state should be avoided.

10. Personal Information
Do not disclose more than asked during the interview, unless the interviewer asks you about your family and avoid mentioning the same. Share any information or experiences that may help the interviewer grasp your suitability towards the role offered.

Personal information not relevant to the job or your qualifications