Cambridge English Empower

Cambridge English Empower program is an English Learning Program for Young Adults and Adults who wish to substantially improve their English Language Skills and Earn a Certificate from world renowned agencies in English Language Teaching and Assessments. No doubt learning English from Cambridge is the most powerful investment you can make for your future.

Empower English Course is a unique mix of engaging classroom materials and reliable assessment, with personalised online practice, enables learners to make consistent and measurable progress.


English Empower is the best program for you


Flexible Learning Platform

You can login anytime and from anywhere.


Personalised Practice

Every student gets a personalised menu of learning based on world class AI platform from Cambridge University Press which effectively saves time and enhances the required language skills.


Student Book

A unique student book to suit your English Level. It contains striking images and videos along with thought-provoking texts, all designed to generate an emotional response which makes learning active and memorable.


English Levels

This program is designed to suit the CEFR levels (6 levels of English Learners) and students’ skills are progressively developed.


Interactive Program with High relevance

It provides rich and varied opportunities to practice the target language, developing productive skills for effective, real-world use.


Unique ( Online) Assessments

A Unit Test at the end of each lesson and a Mid Course and End of Course Test which can be taken twice to improve the personal scores. These tests measure individual progress and students receive a comprehensive summary of their performance.