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EASY PD helps you achieve proficiency in English Language and earn a Certificate from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessments.


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Best Age to Learn English

Best Age to Learn English

English as a second language can be learnt at any age. Whether you are a fresher in a college or a corporate employee , or a stay at home person the good time to learn English is now. Young Children however outperform adults in the pace of learning a new language....

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Does Learning English with a Trainer Help  You?

Does Learning English with a Trainer Help You?

There are four key skills that one needs to acquire to lean any language. The four skills are Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading popularly known as LSRW skills. English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak...

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Why Should You Improve Your English?

It’s the Most Widely Spoken Language

It is the official language of 53 countries and generally the “ second language “ for the rest of the world. One in 5 people speak or understand little English.

It Can Help You Get a Better Job

Across many organizations‘ English Communication Skills ‘ are an essential if not mandatory criteria for hiring. Learning English and earning a certification from a world-renowned agency like Cambridge English Language Assessments will open doors to higher-paying opportunities.

It Will Improve Your Chances For a Promotion

Some organisations rely on employees to gain skills which will help them in their jobs. Learning English and earning a certification from an International Agency – CELA and CUP will make your profile lucrative for any employer. Within your organisation, this certification will give you the confidence to negotiate a raise or even apply for a higher position.

It Is The Language of The Media

Most of the content on the internet, newspapers, books, magazines, educational courses etc is written in English.  Most popular shows on radio are produced in English. English films, TV shows and other forms of entertainment are hugely popular. The media content which is popular in regional language has English subtitles, or is translated in English making it universally relevant.

It Increases Your Cognitive Ability

People who speak more than one language fluently have better memories and are more cognitively creative than those who do not. Research studies have suggested that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are diagnosed later for bilinguals( people speaking two languages) than for monolinguals (people speaking one language) and can help us to stay mentally healthy for a longer period of time.

Gain Access to Top Educational Institutions Across The World

Many of the world’s best universities situated in Europe,  Canada, America, Australia and USA use English as the main language for their professional courses. English skills are therefore a key requirement when it comes to applying to study abroad.


English Courses

Cambridge English Empower Course

This program is an English Learning Program for Young Adults and Adults who wish to substantially improve their English Language Skills and Earn a Certificate from world renowned agencies in English Language Teaching and Assessments.

English for Workplace

Coming Soon…

Learn From Home

Why Learn With Us?

  • All Trainers are Certified and well experienced in helping learners overcome their learning barrier and gain confidence.
  • Self-study or learning with trainers’ option available for independent learners. A batch generally consists of 15 students.
  • Regular Speaking Classes to help bolster your confidence in communication
  • Writing skills are guided by the faculty to make the assignment submission easier.
  • Exam Preparation and guidance to help you score maximum marks and earn a certificate after successful completion of the course.

About US

Our Story

Easy PD is founded by a group of English Teaching Experts who have dedicated themselves to helping people improve their English to move ahead in their career and life at large. The Trainers realise the potential of the Cambridge Certification and believe in empowering individuals who want to achieve better results in their professional environments. All the trainers have trained many professionals successfully and will help you Empower your English to achieve your best.


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What is Easy PD?

It is a platform to upgrade and enhance your professional skills.

Who is it for?

It is for You, whether you are a student, teacher, professional or a homemaker.

What can you find on this window?

Blogs, Podcasts for people in Education. News and views on Topics related to education to keep you refreshed and upto date

What is there for people who are in fields other than education?

Easy tips for learning English and short courses coming up for specific vocations.


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